What Do I Need To Know About Cockatiels?

need to know about cockatiels

Where it Began

The cockatiel originally came from Australia and it is the smallest parrot from the cockatoo breed. It is one of the most popular pet birds second only to the budgie. Cockatiels can now be found in many countries around the globe thanks to the breeding that has taken place over many years. Although the cockatiel is native to Australia, the majority of cockatiels around the world are breed from other countries since Australia does not allow the exportation of any of it’s natives.

Cockatiels As Pets

They have become a popular choice among pet lovers because of the ease in keeping them. They are very affectionate and love human interaction. The cockatiel can be taught to perform tricks and talk, albeit with lots of dedication, they also love to sing and whistle.

Cockatiels have become a common pet in many households, part of the reason for this is their good looks. The distinctive orange cheeks and the curved crest that tops their head makes them stand out in the avian world.

Part Of The Family

The cockatiel has an average life span of between 15-20 years, some have lived past 25 years. This will be influenced highly by the diet and the environment that they are housed in. Also the interaction with humans will play a huge part, be prepared to invest plenty of time over the lifespan of a cockatiel.
The male will generally be the more vocal and display the brighter cheeks and crest. If choosing a cockatiel for the first time then look for one that displays these characteristics and you feel comfortable with. Both the male and female make great pets so the choice is endless.

Make A Happy Home

Try and offer the cockatiel the biggest cage that you can afford and have space for. They will appreciate it and reward you with hours of fun. A small cage or an overcrowded cage will lead to a very cranky and depressed cockatiel. You want to avoid this at all costs. Make sure the cockatiel that you choose is happy from the start.
If they are hand tame then allow the bird to take a likeing to you as well, try and establish a bond before taking your favourite home with you.
Cockatiels are a “flock bird”, by that we mean that they love to be together with lots of other cockatiels. They like this for protection and company. If you tend to be out all day, then seriously consider purchasing a pair of cockatiels, it will save you some very noisy days with an upset bird. I would ask yourself even before you think about buying a cockatiel if you have what it takes to be a suitable cockatiel owner.

More Than One

Cockatiels are prolific breeders and will at some stage become clucky and start to bond and eventually mate and lay eggs. This whole process can be a stressful time for both cockatiel and owner. The female may even lay eggs without the male being present, the eggs will be infertile but the egg producing cycle will be the same and put undue stress on her system. This can lead to excessive egg laying and to possible death. If you wish to breed cockatiels then you will most definitely need one of each sex.
Well that is a short glimpse at the cockatiel. We have lots of information contained within this website and are constantly updating posts to keep us all informed so that we can enrich our lives and our pet cockatiels…

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