Vet House Visit

avian vet home visit

How good is that when you can have an Avian Vet visit you at your home and see your birds.

We have had an Avian Vet visit yesterday to check on ‘Spike’ and ‘Zac’. If you had read my post the other day about the scare we got from young ‘Zac’ when he was suddenly bleeding from his claw… He had actually broke off the tip of his claw.

Drugs or No Drugs

We are great believers in trying to avoid drugs and jumping at the voice or directions from many doctors or vets that want to prescribe the drugs of the day to relieve the symptoms. It is true that sometimes you have no choice and the drugs are the best way to help. But if their is another way that doesn’t involve the giving of medicine then that is worth taking a look at.

Trying to administer medication to any pet can be a difficult task. Pet cockatiels are not easy to administer medication to. They are small, lightweight and hard to monitor that they actually do consume the medicine.

Thankfully young ‘Zac’ has managed to start to heal his claw. The bleeding stopped and after spending four hours in the car with him driving and writing that post, he has kept calm. The next day he had somehow removed the broken piece of claw… all is looking good.

Feather Plucking

We had noticed that one of our girls had started to pull out feathers, she started just before we were away, so about three weeks ago. Her sister last year ‘Billie Jean’ picked out feathers from under her wings up by her shoulders. She has them clear of feathers now, but doesn’t pull any more, they just don’t grow there. However, ‘Spike’ has been pulling them out of the front of her wings, around her thighs and the base of her tail…Dr Ross Perry has some huge knowledge on birds and if you need some advice then he is the vet to get in touch with.

I had done some research to try and diagnose what it could be. But when in doubt call the vet. Dr Ross Perry a Holistic Vet Surgeon and Physician did some diagnosis from his practice and then at our place he examined ‘Spike’. On observation he concluded that what he had diagnosed from back at his practice was indeed correct.

Psittacine Pruritic Polyfolliculosis (PPPF)

Psittacine Pruritic Polyfolliculosis (PPPF) is signs of deformed feathers with the signs of itchiness. Some feathers grow deformed quills. As the birds are itchy, they often pluck the affected quills. You can see empty feather follicles covered with a small scab. You can see some more photos here. Lucky it is not Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease. You can read more about this in this book “Caring for Birds with Love and Gratitude” Dr Ross Perry, from his website.

The prescribed medication is ‘Zeo Vet Tox’ which we will administer into the drinking water. It can be given directly but as our ‘Billie Jean’ is not that easily handleable it is going to go into the water…It will be a good boost as well for the rest of the cockatiels. You can get it from here… from outside Australia or locally from

We had a really good examination and were explained in detail the reasons for this diagnosis. I think that it is very important that you can feel comfortable and confident in your vet or doctor. I will try and get some photos to add to this post. If you would like to find more information about Dr Perry and what he can do with cockatiels then click on some of the links from this page.

The good news is, that all of our other birds are healthy. With a little of a lot more green vegetables in their diet they will be super fit. Some fresh grasses from the garden plenty of love and gratitude and our munchkins will be strong for many years.

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