To Breed Or Not To Breed… Cockatiels At Home

breeding cockatiels at home

Several times a year your tiels will become clucky (hens) and aggressive (boys). This is a sure sign they are getting into nesting mode. And if given the chance and the right, safe environment in your home they will lay eggs just about anywhere they feel safe.

So… what should you do when this happens?

To start with… don’t panic… just yet. We at about cockatiels want to help.

Immediately improve their diet and make sure the hen (female cockatiel) has access to calcium. You can buy calcium bells from your local pet shop and even add calcium drops to their drinking water.

This is essential for your hens health. You can also buy cuttlefish – another great source of calcium.

You will observe as your chick eats more and more of the calcium as she builds up the egg inside her. And she’ll start “smelling” aromatic of sorts.

Can hens lay eggs by themselves?

Yes they can.

If given ample stimulation with back scratching and head scratching any female cockatiel will eventually start to lay eggs – only they’ll not be fertile so please help her stay healthy and don’t encourage that behavior as it can deplete her calcium levels and eventually get her egg bound – which is often deadly.

Prolific egg laying is not healthy for your bird so please limit their nesting urges to a maximum of two times a year. Preferably less!

If you cannot stop it, take your birds to an avian vet to see what they can to help.

If you have a pair then some when they will no doubt perform the art of mating. In this video you can see and hear what happens…

A healthy diet is essential

Give your birds lots of healthy vegetables, warm foods like mashed pumpkin, sweet potato, green beans, asparagus, celery, cooked rice, mashed potato (without cream and butter), etc.

Also make sure you breeding couple has access to lukewarm bathing water – presented in a SHALLOW soup plate (you don’t want your birds to drown).

Check back to part #2 when we discuss incubation vs. egg removal…

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