Teaching Your Cockatiel To Talk

how to teach a cockatiel to talk...

Teaching your pet cockatiel to talk can be very rewarding, however it will take time and dedication. Cockatiels are very clever, they are said to have the intelegence of a three year old. I know my one called ‘Pumpkin’ thinks she can use the computer and a camera all the time…LOL

Cockatiels talking, when to start teaching…

The sooner the better. That aside, when they are young is the ideal time, but you can still teach an old bird some tricks as they say.

I have found that the best results come when you start from a young age, as the babies are learning all new sounds and environments. They are very inquisitive and more inclined to listen.

Both male and female cockatiels can reproduce sounds and learn to talk. It is easier for the male to learn than the female for some reason, I am yet to know why.
As I learn more about this topic I will endeavour to write and elaborate about cockatiels and talking in more detail.

Training your cockatiel to talk

Remember that practice makes perfect. Don’t give up when times get tough, it will not be an overnight success. What you must become is a dedicated trainer. The success of this teaching your cockatiel to talk process is going to be down to you and your commitment to the task.

Let’s take a look at some key points;

  • Repetition; most cretures of the world learn by seeing and doing. We are the same, we watch and then try to do it ourselves. The best way for your cockatiel to learn to talk is by watching and listening to your repetive voice and mouth movements.
  • Singular words; keep the words simple and easy, for example one syllable words are best, ‘boy’ ‘hello’ ‘pretty’ these are examples of what to begin with.
  • Tone of voice; keep this the same each time, it is important not to vary in tone and pronounciation, the simpler the better. Also keep the volume of your voice consistent.
  • Who is best; you will be more successful using a higher pitched voice, ladies and younger children lend themselves to being the better trainers. Men, practice talking in a high voice, that could become quite funny…
  • Three times a day; have a 20-30 minuite session 3 times a day, any longer and you will go mad, not your cockatiel. Start the first session as early in the day as you can. Cockatiels tend to be more receptive early in the day.
  • Limit the distractions; by removing your cockatiel from the cage and keeping it calm and quiet you will have better concentration from your bird. Also note that the closer you are to you bird the better.
  • Rewards; each time that your cockatiel shows any interest in you and your voice, give them a treat, this can be a small piece of their favourite food. As they become smarter they will realise that by paying attention to your voice and trying to copy they recive something they want.
  • Mirrors; place a mirror near you and your tiel as this can stimulate them into making sounds and talking
  • Melodies; as you say the words, try and create a slight tune to them, this becomes even better when teaching a few words together.
  • Helping hand; get a recording device and record the words and tone that you can play back repeatedly during the day while you are busy doing other things, this way they are still hearing your voice. Cut out any radio or other sounds that will distract them from learning your voice.
  • Coming & going;¬†always say ‘hello’ when you see them after being away from their view for some time. When going out try shaking your keys and say ‘shopping’, they will get to know what you are doing and learn to imitate. Repetition is the key…

Do’s and Don’ts

Remember to teach one word at a time, allow your cockatiel to perfect one word before introducing another.

It will take time, don’t give up, it may be weeks before you notice any real success.

Stay true to yourself, dedicate your time and keep focused on the challenge, it is down to your dedication that the results come.

Never ever get upset when training your cockatiel, this will only slow the process, it might even destroy any trust you have established.

Cockatiels talking

This is a video that shows how good a cockatiel can talk with great dedication and practice, enjoy…

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