Ricky’s last Test and I’m Back

Hi all, It has been a while since my last post and I do appologise for the lack of quality information that I have been unable to update. Things have been hectic in the Birdy house to say the least. We have been away traveling for much of the time and have had a great bird sitter in to look after all our munchkins. As soon as she gets her web page and Facebook account sorted I’ll be sure to let you know her details.

I am pleased to inform you that everyone is doing well and the munchkins have been spoilt heaps. We can’t complain either…lol. Pumpkin is laying eggs again… the first one just appeared, very little signs that she was going to pop one out, apart from the daily interaction with Mini. So now that she has laid four we are going to let her get them out of her system and that’s that…no babies right now, we are not settled enough right now for any more, however wonderful they are we have to say no and that’s tough.

I hope that you have visited the facebook page and follow our progress there as well…if not this is the link https://www.facebook.com/aboutcockatiels