Pet Cockatiel Care

Cockatiels are very intelligent creatures and will entertain you with many years of joy and company if cared for.

Pet Cockatiels require some very important daily care rituals that need to be adhered to for the longevity of your cockatiel.

Pet Cockatiel Care Basics

Most of these cockatiel care basics mentioned have a post dedicated to them.

Have a cage more than big enough…What is the best size cage for cockatiels?

Make sure you give them fresh clean water daily…better twice a day.

Ensure that you offer a varied diet, not just seeds…A healthy cockatiel diet.

Keep their cage clean…How to clean a cockatiel cage.

Be careful when adding toys…Not all bird toys are safe.

Monitor your cockatiels behaviour…Identify signs of a sick cockatiel.

Be ready for any emergency…An emergency cockatiel kit.

Measure their weight…Become weight watchers.

Keep a close eye on the droppings…Become a poo-ology expert.

Remember not just females need calcium…Offer calcium supplements.

Give lots of love and attention to your cockatiels…How to care for your cockatiels and keep them safe.

pet cockatiel care

That is just a quick few topics to get you started. In the vaults of this website you will find many more valuable posts on various topics to help you share a long and happy, healthy life with your pet cockatiels. A well looked after cockatiel which has lots of love and attention can live between 20-30 years.



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