Micky’s 1st Egg…

Cockatiels nesting, laying eggs

Today at 10am one of our cockatiels laid an egg.

Micky’s first egg

Micky with partner Bubbles (in photo) have managed to produce an egg. They have been together for about 2 years now and have once before had 4 eggs, however because Bubbles was to young (immature) he was unable to fertilise the eggs.

After sitting for 21+ days, none of the eggs hatched. It was quite a sad time for them (and us). Now that Bubbles is well mature we have no worries that this batch will produce baby cockatiels.

How many eggs?

Your guess is as good as mine on this. I’m going for 4 again. How many will hatch we will have to wait and see. You can follow the progress right here. The second egg should arive in 2 days around lunch time, i’ll keep you posted.

Bubbles is the offspring from Birdy (our first tiel) and Romeo her hubby. Micky came to us from a great friend Vicky who has bred lots of birds over many years and whom we can be grateful for helping us with our cockatiels and passing on very valuable avian knowledge. Micky is slightly older than Bubbles and they have a sound bond together. They communicate well and are very gentle.

How does it work?

Micky will sit on the egg over night and Bubbles will relieve her in the morning. This will stay the routine right the way through. Micky will not come off the egg until day light, that’s the way these birds have the system. When she comes off in the morning she will make a huge poo then eat lots.

You could see that Micky was carrying an egg, and she also smelt ‘eggy’. That is a rich creamy smell, you would notice the difference. It takes two days to produce an egg. We have plenty of calcium supplies and god mix of fresh food and also warm food. This is very important for the female during this time and also ongoing through the laying and then the hatching of baby cockatiels.

We will endeavour to update you regularly on the progress…

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