Introducing Our Cockatiels

Introducing Our Cockatiels

I guess it is about time that we introduce you to our cockatiel family…

Our wonderful family started back in 2002 with a little gem that came to us courtesy of friends. We bird sat for a week and after that we didn’t want to give her back. The friends were moving away and decided (with a slight arm twist) that the best thing was to let us keep her, and so the seed was sown and our cockatiel story began…

Without further ado…introducing “Miss Birdy”

Miss Birdy

Miss Birdy our Blind Cockatiel


She is 10 & 1/2 years old and a ‘Lutino’. She has very poor vision (almost blind in both eyes) yet she manages to get around her house well.


We keep the feed and water always in the same place and give her lots of attention, basically we run to her call anytime day or night. After all she is our pride and joy.


Birdy & Romeo

Cockatiels Miss Birdy & Romeo

Now “Miss Birdy” has a partner and he is a ‘Pied’ called “Romeo”. He came to us from our good breeder friend Vicky. He is a very gentle soul and takes real good care of his girl.‘Romeo’ is 5 years old.


Together they have had two sets of baby cockatiels both times one boy and girl. The two boys have moved out and the two girls live with mum and dad still.


The first born female we named “Spike”. She is 5 years 2 months old and a ‘Natural Grey’. She is quite shy and has a very ruffled feather coat, hence the name ‘Spike’. Gentle by nature, but does not come so fondly onto your hand. She loves her daddy and enjoys home life.


Cockatiel Spike

The second batch of baby cockatiels gave us “Billie Jean” named after Michael Jackson’s death, she is also a ‘Natural Grey’ with nice feathers. Although her feathers look healthy she has an awful habit of pulling feathers out from under her shoulder of the wings. She is 4 years 1 month old.

Billie Jean

Cockatiel Billie Jean





In the same cage as these we have now moved “Micky” who is a female ‘Pastel Cinnamon’ and she is 4 years old. She displays wonderful yellow and light grey colours. “Micky” came to us from our friend Vicky again and she has bonded with one of “Romeo” and “Miss Birdy” boys. The older one of the two “Bubbles”.

“Micky” is a gentle cockatiel whom loves to give you a manicure at any given chance. Almost a vampire bird… She doesn’t like to be stroked or cuddled too much.

Micky & Bubbles

Cockatiels Micky & Bubbles

Her partner “Bubbles” brother to “Billie Jean” MJ’s monkey… say no more. He is very vocal and loves to sing and whistle away. He is a gentle soul as well and loves to be talked to and entertained. He is a ‘Pied’ and is 4 years 1 month old.


That completes cage one, our left side cage.


The right side cage contains…

“Pumpkin” she is my darling and was always my buddy especially before she shacked up with her partner “Mini” She is a very cuddly ‘Cinnamon Pearl’ and loves cuddles and head scratches. But does have a bit of a bite…We bought her on 3/10/2006 after “Snuggeli” passed away, god bless.

Pumpkin & Mini

Cockatiels Mini & Pumpkin


“Pumpkin” is now 5 years 11 months old and together with her partner have now had the latest three musketeers. Until recently she would treat me as her partner even with “Mini” around, but slowly but surely she has accepted him into her life and they are now very happy together…Me, well I’m a little sad but I gladly take that so that she is happy.


Her partner “Mini” is the brother to “Spike” from the first pair of “Miss Birdy” and “Romeo”. He is a ‘Normal Grey’ and is 5 years 2 months old. He is a proud daddy boy now that he has his three youngsters.

He is a gentle man but does have a strange mood now and then. He is a very horny bird and together they are always on the search for new nesting areas, nothing is sacred. Gotta like that…



Baby Cockatiel Jordi

Now to the three munchkins…First came “Jordi” born on the 23rd April 2012. We think she maybe a ‘he’, slowly… as she is starting to become very vocal and chases the other two away…She is a ‘Natural Grey’


Baby Cockatiel Zac

Second came “Zac” born on Anzac day 25th April 2012…she is also a ‘Natural Grey’ very similar to “Jordi” except she has two white shades on her neck.


The third arrived  on 27th April 2012 and we named her “Tinka” she is a ‘Lutino’ and very beautiful. She struggled to be feed in the nesting box so we stepped in and helped out until she was strong enough to fight for her own food.


Baby Cockatiel Tinka

So there you have it. A short but wonderful look at our cockatiels. We love and cherish them very much. They are looked after with great care and attention.

They come out of the cages every day and spend lots of time with us, keeping us entertained and away from the things we need to do…but that is part of the amazing joy that they give you. I hope that you can see how well our cockatiels are kept and if in any way we can help you enjoy your birds in the same way that we do, then please don’t hesitate to contact us

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