How to Look After Cockatiels

How to take care of your cockatiel must start with giving them plenty of love and attention.

Pet cockatiels thrive on interaction and love. If you have a single cockatiel then the amount of time you spend with it will add to it’s wellbeing.

Caring for your Cockatiel

There is no place like home…and that is true for your cockatiel. The cage must be big enough and have the right size perches with places to rest and eat. Then the position of the cage is important. Keep them away from draughts and entrances as they will get easily spooked by people coming and going.

Keep an even temperature in the home, if you are comfortable then so will your cockatiels.
Make sure the diet is varied and frequently changed. Always see to it that they have fresh clean water, even if you have to change it two or three times a day.

The addition of a few toys, mirrors, ropes will be much appreciated by your pet cockatiel, especially if you have only one. If you find yourself with little time to offer your cockatiel then a partner for it would be the best thing. The cockatiel is a flock bird and in the wild would be one of many in a group, so being alone is not going to suit them at all.

How To Care For Your Cockatiel

The best thing you can do for your cockatiel is keep it entertained by you. Daily doses of interaction with you will make them very happy and cared for.  You can read more information about caring for your cockatiel.

If you are reading this and considering getting a pet bird, whether it be a cockatiel or budgie or even the popular parakeet, then unless you can give them plenty of attention and care, I would seriously suggest that you reconsider. Maybe a pocket game boy would suit you better.

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