How To Hand Rear Baby Cockatiels

raising cockatiels

Whether or not you want to hand rear baby cockatiels, you may have no choice if you want them to grow big and strong. Do you have the credentials to hand rear baby cockatiels?

In this post we will take a look at what is required to hand raise cockatiels.

When You Must Hand Rear Baby Cockatiels

This is probably the most important time in a baby cockatiels life when you must stand up and bite the bullet and begin to hand feed the birds. As soon as you have baby chicks you must be vigilant and constantly observe them as they feed and grow. At any time you may notice that one or more of the baby cockatiels are not getting fed from the parents, then you will need to step up and remove the babies from the nest and hand feed.

If you don’t supplement them with food you will only see them perish. Start by feeding once in the morning and depending on how old they are, continue every two hours or less often. Here you can read more detailed information on how and when to feed baby cockatiels. After feeding return the chick back to the nesting box for the parents to care for.

What You Will Need

A few instruments you will need to have before you start hand feeding. Make sure that you have;

  • The supplement feed and know how to mix it.
  • Porcelain dishes to mix the food in.
  • Special bent spoon to feed.
  • Syringes.
  • Temperature gage.
  • Weighing scales.
  • Soft tissues.
Make sure you have all of these before you take the baby cockatiel out of the nest. Do not leave the baby cockatiel unsupervised. They may not be able to fly, but they can easy fall or wiggle off of a bench. Make sure that they are kept warm. After feeding, clean the chicks beak gently and return to the nest, and then clean up and sterilise the utensils.

Understanding How Much To Feed

This is often overlooked and I just want to mention it again. The crop is the place just below the neck and before the breast. The crop will fill up with food and expand. It will look like a swollen gland, sometimes baby chicks will become slightly top heavy because of it being full. After feeding, the baby cockatiels will need time to digest and the crop will slowly shrink back. It is important that you notice that the crop does become loose before the next feeding time, if it does not empty, get to a vet.

Be careful not to overfeed. This is easy to do so take care. Always allow the chick to swallow, you can feed too quick and this is dangerous as the baby does not have time to get the food down into the crop and it overflows into the windpipe and this is deadly. You will notice that the baby chicks call out for food, they often bob their heads up and down and make gentle screeching sounds. This is a sign that they want food.

Make Sure That You Are Prepared

This is the most important step for you. YOU must be clear in your mind that you are prepared to go the distance with the responsibilities of feeding your baby cockatiels. If you are not then they might not survive. If you are unsure about how to hand rear baby cockatiels you can watch this video.

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