Holding Baby Cockatiels

Wow, today we actually had all three babies out and gently got to know them. We are going to interact with them more and more as our aim is to get them very tame to our hands and us.

Cockatiels as Pets

If you are considering looking after cockatiels then I would suggest that you spend plenty of time with them. This will help establish a close bond and hopefully you will share many years of fun and love with your pet cockatiels. That is the aim of having such a wonderful pet… It is for us here at about cockatiels that’s for sure. Now that we have three new additions to the family we are investing lots of time into our newly hatched munchkins in the hope that they become very tame.

Taming a Cockatiel

This is best achieved from a very young age, newly hatched babies are your best bet. Our cockatiels are now all two and a bit weeks old (14, 16, 18 days), you can follow their progress over at the cockatiel diary. We are not going to totally remove them from the nest but we are going to handle them often and continue to supplement the feeding. We had to step in when the youngest we noticed that the youngest was not being fed enough. This is a common occurrence when more than two babies hatch, it becomes only the strong survive.

In the nest the baby cockatiels jostle for the best position to be fed from the parents and if one is not strong enough to get in the mix it will miss out or only receive the smallest amount. As the stronger get more the bigger they become and eventually the smallest will struggle to make it’s self heard. If this happens in your batch then you will need to intervene and learn the art of hand feeding baby cockatiels with syringe.

Handling a Baby Cockatiel

This will probably be the first time you actually get to pick up and hold one of your baby cockatiels. Warm up your hands, rub them together, run the under hot water, even hold them over a heater. Warmth is very important and the fluctuation of temperatures is not good for cockatiels young or old. Gently scope them up and cradle them in your warm hands, enjoy the moment as it is special. Now you can either feed them or just entertain with your voice. On our youtube channel you will find lots of clips about interacting with cockatiels.

Feeding Your Baby Cockatiel

This is mentioned in more detail in the post titled how to feed your baby cockatiels …but a brief recap, keep them warm using a hot water bottle wrapped in a t-towel and feed them with syringe keeping a close eye on the crop. The crop will fill quite quickly especially if the baby eats well. The crop does enlarge to a good full size (thumb nail round) and must be warm. A cold crop is not good, make sure that next time you go to feed, that the crop has emptied, not fully but about 80%. When you are satisfied that the baby has eaten enough or the baby decides for itself that it has had enough, return it to the nest.

Remember feeding times begin every two hours from hatched to 1 week old. Be vigilant and check the nest often. Most of all enjoy the experience…

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