Over the years we’ve assisted dozens of concerned pet bird owners with free and friendly advice. To save us both time… please check our Facebook page for answers before you contact us for additional questions.


Why should I trust your advice?

We’ve been caring for birds for over 12 years and have learnt from many mistakes and hope to help you avoid them.

What makes your ebook different from others on the market?

It’s compiled & written by an actual bird lover with hands on experience of more than 12 years, not outsourced to a freelancer in timbuktoo.

What’s the eBook about?

It’s all about Cockatiels, diets, breeding, feeding, raising young, early detection signs, egg binding, first aid and basically how to care for them and keep them safe in your home. There are many hidden dangers in our homes and just by understanding these can protect your birds.

How do I buy your eBook?

Once you have completed the paypal details correctly you will then receive a thank you message where you need to tell me where I should email your copy. Once you have done that, you will automatically be sent your digital copy of the eBook to your email address. PLUS as a bonus gift you will also receive a copy of my Cockatiel First Aid Toolbox absolutely free. Please allow up to an hour for it to fly into your inbox 🙂

What do I get when I buy?

Once you successfully complete your order, you’ll receive a digital copy of How to care for your Cockatiels PLUS a digital copy of my Cockatiel First Aid Toolbox, all sent to your email address.

You can get a copy of how to care for your Cockatiels here.

If you do have any other questions you’d like to ask, please email us at aboutcockatiels@gmail.com