Emergency Flour…Cockatiel Band Aids…

Right now I’m just a little shakey still.

One of our cockatiels was just bleeding.

Thank god for emergency flour

Stop reading now and go and place a container of flour into the freezer. You never know when it could save your birds life.

Thank you for doing that. If you need to go out and get some make sure you grab a bag from the nearest shop, even if you are never going to bake with it, your birds life may depend on it one day.

Why flour?

We put band aids on to stop small bleeding cuts etc. You can’t apply a band aid to a bird… What you need to do is stop the bleeding and fast. Cockatiels are small birds and have a limited supply of blood. If they lose blood at a rapid rate they will die. Birds pump the blood through their bodies just like we do and it runs fast. The flour acts as a band aid. It forms a crust which clogs up and stops the blood escaping.

You have to keep a close eye on your bird as it will feel strange and they will want to nibble it off. Keep putting flour on the wound. If your bird is bleeding from a place where it is hard to get them naturally to be in the flour, then mix a little flour with some water to make a paste. Put this onto the area like applying glue. It will be a challenge, but you need to do this or you will lose your bird.

Get to a vet

Once you have got some glue onto the awkward spot, keep your bird calm as you can (and yourself, trust me I know). Get your emergency or hospital cage. Transfer your injured bird into the travel cage and get to the vet asap. If you have been unsuccessful in stopping the bleeding, you must act fast, time is of essence right now. Grab your keys and go, the rest can wait.

At the vet you will be in the best hands posible. If you manage to stop the bleeding, welldone. Just keep a regular eye on it. The injury will be sore on the bird and with the flour acting as a plug your bird will naturally want to remove it.

Keep aplying the flour until you are satisfied that all is under control.

Pray that it never happens. But always be prepared and keep a container of emergency flour in the frezer.

Better to be safe than sorry…

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