Cockatiels Weight Guide

Lets face it, keeping our pet cockatiels happy and healthy should be the most important daily tasks we perform as pet bird lovers.

With that in mind another way to monitor your cockatiels health is by weighing them regularly.

Use this Cockatiel weight guide to help

Cockatiels hide signs of being sick

The cockatiel is a flock bird and by that I mean you would find them in the wild in flocks of many cockatiels. They keep together for safety and companionship. Like any animal, if they get sick or injured they will become an outsider and generally be left to fend for themselves.

This is no different for the cockatiel. To keep themselves from becoming a target of predators or being rejected by other tiels they mask or hide their illness or injury as best they can. Unfortunately this is not in our favour as pet cockatiel owners and makes it difficult for us to spot the signs of a sick cockatiel or anything that might be suspect in their birds.

Become weight watchers

By keeping a close eye on your cockatiels behaviour and monitoring their droppings will help. But one of the best ways to notice if they are unwell is by checking their weight. Since these wonderful creatures only weigh between 70 – 120 grams you will need an accurate scale, one that is sensitive and measures in .1 increments.

I found one just the other week in a local supermarket for $14.99, so now I have a spare. Keep a record of how much they each weigh and then you will be able to notice if any change occurs.

Cockatiel Weight Guide

Any sudden weight loss is a sure sign that something is not well within your darling cockatiel. Even though they may look completely normal to you, the scales don’t lie and you should seek an avian vet for some good advice and maybe treatment. Cockatiels are masters of disguise! Here in Australia, the land of cockatiels I would recommend Dr Ross Perry, he also does remote consultations just follow the instructions on his website. Or check him out on Facebook

How to check your cockatiels weight

So how do you get your cockatiel to weigh themselves? You don’t. Basically you will need to either pick them up and place them on the scale which is often easier said than done, if your cockatiel is very tame then try it.

If not, then try and coax them to walk onto it. I tempt them with their favourite treat and allow them to feed while on the scale, crafty but it works. To do that you will need to put the scale back to zero once you have their treat on it.

Another way to get them onto the scales is to camouflage it. All you need is an old tea towel with a hole in. Place the towel over the scales allowing the dial to show through the hole. This way your cockatiel will walk onto the scale not knowing it is there.

Hope you liked my two tricks on how to weigh cockatiels and keep an eye on their weight. It is really one of the most important ways to care for your cockatiels.

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