Cockatiels Talking

can cockatiels talk

Do cockatiels talk?

Yes, cockatiels can learn to talk very well. To achieve this they will need lots of tuition and constant practice.

If you want to have a cockatiel that talks, you are best off starting with a very young and hand tame baby. This will make it easier. If you have an older bird it is still possible but you may not have as good a result as with a young chick.

Who will talk best?

It is mainly the male cockatiel that can learn to talk, however some females have masterd the art as well.┬áRepetition is the key. Each morning first thing you should always say ‘hello pretty boy’ many times over. After a while you will notice a slight resemblance during their vocabulary. It will take a few months to achieve this.

What can they say?

The most common words that they can say, are the shorter words like ‘hello’,’hello boy’ and ‘pretty’ for example. They can repeat other words and that will come with time and dedication. You will be able to hear what you think are other words that may resemble certain words, these will be the interpretation of what your birds think it sounds like. These are signs that they are listening to you and trying to reproduce the same. When training cockatiels to talk it is at this point that you must reward them.

They might even sing a song for you

The cockatiel does love to express itself. Singing and whistling are favourite pastimes. If you have a happy environment then they will keep you entertained for hours. The female will be less vocal than the male. The boy’s like to show off and chat up or serenade the girls.

The male will express himself and slightly open his wings from his shoulders and hop around doing like a dance and singing to the female, a sort of courtship. Ours have a distinctive song that they perform when doing this performance. He takes a hop and turns his head and sings a few bars, then does the same again, and again.

Over time you will notice a distinct language that the cockatiel has. Sounds will become familiar to you and the question is, who is learning to talk now…


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