Cockatiels Rule…

before buying a cockatiel

We love our munchkins and they rule the house.

However much we tell ourselves that we are in control, we have to admit that these little feathered friends are in control.

Cockatiels come first.

There is not a day that goes by that we don’t spoil them. We feed them, clean up after them, make sure they have a comfy safe home (cage) even our home is comfy and safe for them to. We even took out the ceiling fans and placed home-made trees up for them to land on after they fly around.

You could say they are totaly spoiled and you would be correct. But hey that’s what you do when you love and care for your pets, right?

We couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Does it become hard at times?

Hell yes it does.

I guess we all want and need some peace and time for ourselves. For us this involves going out and spending time away from home. We love to do that, but believe me, we gladly return to our calls from the munchkins wanting to come out for a fly around.

The most important thing to remember is that they do need attention. They are like little kids they need and want lots of your one-on-one time. You must oblige and spend ample time with your birds. They thrive on interaction.

A single cockatiel will become very attatched to its owner and they especially need lots of one-on-one. If you have a few pairs then they are often entertaining themselves however you still need to give them your time.

Buy a TV

Please be aware that if you are just buying a bird to put in a cage and push into a corner, you will not be doing yourself any favours. Worse still you will end up with a very lonely and sad bird, probably one that screams all day and pulls out its own feathers. Self plucking is usually a sure sign of neglect and boredom. It can also reflect their diet or an ilness.

I would sugest that if you are insearch of a pet that you can just put in the corner and forget then buy a TV…

The perfect addition

These wonderful creatures, like all other pets need you to look after them on many different levels. Please consider all of your obligations before making any quick decision. If you do decide that a cockatiel would be the perfect additon to your home then stay tuned for plenty of tips and hands-on knowledge to help you grow a rich and fullfilling relationship with your feathered friend…

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