Cockatiels Nesting Diary

This is going to be an ongoing post about our baby cockatiels and their life from birth to…yet to be decided. I will update this with the daily video or photos of the nest and the parents…

I hope that you enjoy following the journey and get to see how are cockatiel family grow.

Cockatiel As Pets

Cockatiels make awesome pets. They will bond with you deeply if you have the time to spend with them. Depending on whether you have single birds or a pair, you always stand the chance that they may bond together and mate. If this happens you may have a growing family on your hands.

Breeding And Egg Laying

Please be aware that this is not a game and should not be taken for granted. There is a lot that can go wrong when cockatiel pairs mate and begin the circle of life. If you are fully committed to the idea of raising young cockatiels, that’s right if YOU are, then it can be a very rewarding experience. I have expressed the word you in my sentence as you will certainly need to play your role in the whole circle of life.

In an aviary situation that is well set up for the breeding purpose, most of the daily routine is pretty normal and achievable by the birds themselves. However if your birds are kept in a cage indoors then you will probably have to set up a nest and purpose built cage or area for them to nest and grow.

You will need to be on hand if anything goes wrong during the production of the eggs and the laying of them. Once you have got past this hurdle then begins the 21 day incubation, give a few days extra before giving up. In this time I would suggest that you do some research on baby cockatiels and what to do if and when they hatch.

Depending on what happens you may end up with some tiny little birds. They are so small and helpless you need to be sure that the parents look after the new born. Luckily for us our pair ‘Mini & Pumpkin’ have been good parents. They have tried before but couldn’t get it together. Our role has just been there for the change over. The change over is when we take the one out of the feeding or sleeping cage and allow them to swap in the nest and then go back to eating, sleeping and cleaning, they tend not to want to eat or sleep in the same cage as the nesting box… So without further ado, let the show begin…

First Week  23/4/12 — 29/4/12

Day 1; Nesting box with baby cockatiel (day 1) FIRST HATCHED

Day 2; Cockatiels as pets (day 2)

Day 3; Cockatiel feeding 1 day and 3 day old babies SECOND HATCHED

Day 4; Cockatiels eating pasta, beans & rice

Day 5; Baby cockatiel hatched only seconds ago THIRD HATCHED

Day 6; Feeding baby cockatiels in the nest

Day 7; Baby cockatiels in the nest being fed

Second Week 30/4/12 — 6/5/12

Day 8; Male cockatiel looking after it’s young ONE WEEK OLD 1

Day 9; Cockatiel babies keeping warm

Day 10; Female cockatiel feeding young ONE WEEK OLD 2

Day 11; Baby cockatiels screaming for food

Day 12; Baby cockatiels in the nest ONE WEEK OLD 3

Day 13; Pumpkin feeding her baby cockatiels

Day 14; Cockatiels nesting box feeding time

Third Week 7/5/12 — 13/5/12

Day 15; Hand feeding 10 day old baby Lutino cockatiel TWO WEEKS OLD 1

Day 16; Baby cockatiels flapping wings at 2 weeks…

Day 17; Syringe feeding a baby cockatiel TWO WEEKS OLD 2

Day 18; Cockatiels growing up

Day 19; Baby cockatiels out of the nest for the first time together… TWO WEEKS OLD 3

Day 20; Handling baby cockatiels

Day 21; Cockatiel playtime

Fourth Week 14/5/12 — 20/5/12

Day 22; Baby cockatiels enjoying time out THREE WEEKS OLD 1

Day 23; Nesting box set up

Day 24; Pumpkin feeding her young in the nest THREE WEEKS OLD 2

Day 25; Baby lutino first feathers appearing

Day 26; on other camera…THREE WEEKS OLD 3

Day 27; on other camera…..

Day 28; 3 baby cockatiels with the parents

Fifth Week 21/5/12 — 27/5/12

Day 29; Young cockatiel cracking it’s first seeds FOUR WEEKS OLD 1

Day 30; Cockatiel exercise HD

Day 31; First flight for a baby cockatiel FOUR WEEKS OLD 2

Day 32; Excitement in the nest

Day 33; First Flights; Baby cockatiels making maiden flights FOUR WEEKS OLD 3

Day 34; Nesting box exit

Day 35; Lutino baby virgin flight

Sixth Week 28/5/12 — 3/6/12

Day 36; Baby cockatiels eating spaghetti & rice FIVE WEEKS OLD 1

Day 37; How to setup the perfect nesting box for c…

Day 38; Baby cockatiel being fed FIVE WEEKS OLD 2

Day 39;

Day 40; How to tell when baby cockatiels are hungry FIVE WEEKS OLD 3

Day 41; Baby cockatiels first shower

Day 42;

Seventh Week 4/6/12 —



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