Cockatiels As Pets

cockatiels as pets

Cockatiels make great family pets.

Once they find their way into your heart they will become your pride and joy.

They thrive on interaction

They do require some one-on-one time which unless you are willing to give, then your cockatiel will become depressed which could lead to illness. On the other hand, if you do have the time and really are comitted to getting to know these wonderfull cratures then they can reward you with a truely wonderful experience for many years.

It may sound as if I am emphasining the fact that you must be comitted and not just buying a bird on a whim. If that is the way you take this then good, because I do feel that far to many pets these days are bought, just as a wishful feeling and in the end they do suffer. Infact both the pet and the owner suffer as they both become upset with the situation.

Children and cockatiels

Together they can grow and learn to enjoy each others companionship. Cockatiels are such gentle loving birds that rarely harm you. However they can bite and do have a very sharp beak, but cases of people being harmed by these birds are almost non exisitant. I personally have never heard of any reported incidents.

Many families have cockatiels as pets with young children and they interact well with one another. I would suggest that you try and purchase a hand tame cockatiel so that they are used to being held, especially if you are going to have them fly free in your home. The fact that children can be a little erratic and unpredictable should tell you to always keep a close eye if your birds are out, you wouldn’t want to find one in a strange place…

Cockatiels are jumpy

By this I mean that they can be easily spooked. Try and interact gently with them. Any sudden movement or unexpected shadows and noises can scare them. Placement of there cage should be so as to avoid any hidden areas that can allow sudden movement such as doorways and open windows. Also keep them up high. All birds will go to the highest point if they become scared as that is where they feel safest.

Cockatiels will sit and keep you company for hours with lots, or, as little interaction as you please. They love the human company and are at their happiest when they can acompany you in your daily activities. If you spend plenty of time with your cockatiel and try and teach him to talk and whistle, you can achieve great results. Some people actually put a harness onto their cockatiel and take them out with them into town etc…

Things to consider

As with any pet comes the daily clean up and care. With cockatiels it is no different, infact I would say that they need rather a lot of care. You certainly can’t go away and leave them to fend for themselves. You need to give them fresh clean water each day, sometimes more than once. Also a good amount of fresh food is required. You don’t need to take them for walks, but they do need to strectch their wings and this is best done when they can fly freely.

The mess that these little fluffy friends make can become slightly annoying. The seeds can end up in every gap and carpet in the house. One thing that I should point out is that the cockatiel does clean itself a lot and when this happens feathers and dust is shaken into the air. This dust, is to some people a cause of an allergic reaction. If you think that you may suffer from a dust (like dandruff) reaction then you might want to check before you go ahead and get set up with these beauties.

Apart from that cockatiels are very loveable creatures and make awesome companions, that with a fair amount of care and attention will become your best friend for a long time…

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