Cockatiel Yawning

Cockatiels yawning, is a strange activity. At first it gets many pet cockatiel owners worried about the health of their pet. However it is not all that strange at all.

Cockatiels yawn just like we do. Only they can have what I call a ‘yawning fit’ and by that I mean yawn after yawn after yawn…

Check out my boy Romeo in this short video below…

As you can see, he keeps on yawning. Cockatiels can be seen doing this at any time during the day. But as a rule they do it when they are tired, cuddly or just content.

Is yawning too much bad?

Of course excessive yawning is not good and may be a sign that something is not right with your cockatiel. When yawning, cockatiels stretch their neck and wobble their head. They also do this when clearing out their crops. However constant yawning and stretching could be a sign of a respiratory problem. If you feel that your pet bird is showing signs of excessive yawning then seek advice from an avian vet.

Cockatiels Yawning over & over

Cockatiels Yawning over & over. Normal behaviour or not

In this video below is Miss Birdy yawning, you can see that she yawns over and over, yet she is only doing this for about 60 to 90 seconds and then she gets up to something else…

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