Cockatiel or Cockatiels

The Cockatiel or many Cockatiels make excellent house pets. All they ask for is some tender love and care.

Cockatiels are very gentle exotic birds. Cockatiels are easy to look after and make for great company, however they are prone to many illnesses and need vigilant owners.

Cockatiels will give you endless hours of entertainment in return for some attention and time.

What do cockatiels need?

Cockatiels require very little, but even though it is not much, it is very important that they do receive it.

Fresh water daily.

Fresh food daily.

Calcium bells or cuttlebone.

Interaction with you daily.

A safe environment. You will need to make your home safe or at least never let them out of your sight. It only takes a second for them to get up to mischief. I have a great post on how to care for your cockatiel and keep your cockatiel safe at home.

If you can spend time and interact with your cockatiel(s) and ensure a clean safe home with fresh food and water, then they can live a happy life for many years. If you fail to supply any of those simple items then your cockatiel will become depressed and worse still become sick and then require costly veterinary assistance.

How to spoil your cockatiel


I have mentioned just the basic needs of a cockatiel, you can really spoil your feathered friend with a few extra treats, such as;

Some toys for the cage.

A really great cage that is plenty big enough.

Special food treats like a honey stick or some fresh garden grasses.

A play pen, like a native tree to climb around on.

Plenty of free time to fly around your home (safely).

A regular bath or spray time.

Plenty of your time to teach them words and sounds.

Most of all they need your love and attention. I have many cockatiels and they all get my attention at different times of the day. They love it and so do I. You can also read this post for more on how to look after cockatiels


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