Cockatiel Care, How to care for your cockatiel

Pet cockatiels can bring you so much joy and pleasure. However cockatiel care is very important if you want to have this wonderful experience. Pet cockatiels do require some special attention. Are you ready for the challenge?

Cockatiel Care

Once you have commited to buying and keeping a pet cockatiel your whole life will change. These birds are not a pet that you can buy and forget about. They need plenty of one on one attention especially if they are single in number. If you have little time to invest in them then you should seriously forget about the possiblilty of buying one, as it will only become bored and live a very sad life.

These wonderful creatures require lots of entertainment and it is often better to have a few of them so they are not lonely. However if you want to experience the amazing bond that you can have between you and your cockatiel, and you have plenty of time then a single bird would be fine.

The more time and energy that you invest into your pet cocatiel the more that you will get in return, words can not tell the amount of excitement and the felling you get from cockatiels.

Cage Size

This is there home and it needs to be big enough for the amount of birds you have. Basically the biggger the better. Do not over fill your cage with cockatiel toys and perches, your cockatiels need plenty of space to spread their wings without touching anything. Add perches of different diameters and shape, this will help keep their feet and claws healthy. I personaly build my own cages, but like most first time pet bird owners, you will need to buy a cage that is ready to go.

I think the spacing between the bars shouldn’t be wider than 12mm, others will say up to 15mm but certainly no bigger. The powder coated cages are the best to buy although they are more expensive, however they should last a long time if kept clean and best yet they wont rust.

I will talk more on cages in another post, but for now, buy a big one.

Cage Cleaning

The cage must be kept clean and the less that is in the cage the easier it will be to clean. Make sure that it is scrubbed at least once a week. Keep the base of the cage dry and free from old food. Use newspaper for the floor covering and change this 2-3 times a week. Change the water twice a day.

When cleaning the cage and anything that the birds come into contact with make sure that there is no trace of any cleaning chemical. Chemicals and other harmful household items in your home that you would normally use should be removed so no harm can be done. Rinse the cage and toys etc well and dry. Placing them in the sun to dry is the best method. Keeping the bird cage clean on a regular basis will help prevent your cockatiels contracting an illnesses from a dirty and dusty cage.

Stress Free

Make sure that your bird is kept in a stress free environment, away from high traffic areas of your home, like near a doorway. Avoid places where they can easily be scared or startled. The best place would be along a wall where you can walk up to the cage gently. Keep the noise to a minimum and avoid drafts and full sun through the glass as they will over heat. Both drafts and over heating can cause your bird to become very sick. Keeping a comfortable temperature is important. Allow your cockatiels to get good quality sleep. Keep a night light on as night frights are very stressful.

Feeding Time

Cockatiels don’t eat huge amounts of food, but they do require a varied diet. Avoid foods that are salty and high in sugar. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a great source of vitamins for your birds. Not all foods are safe for cockatiels and you MUST read the post on cockatiel feeding to be sure as to what is good for them and not. A good mixed diet is important for the health of your bird, a diet of just seeds will not be sufficient to sustaian a long life. Make sure that the water is kept clean. Add a bowl of water for them to bathe in. Bathing is good for their feathers and helps limit the dust they produce, plus you will see how much they enjoy it. Not all cockatiels like to get wet so start gently.

Play Time

As I mentioned before you will need to spend plenty of time with your feathered friend. By this I mean, allow your cockatiel to roam outside of its cage. The more opportunities they have to fly will enable them to grow strong and stretch their wings to full capacity. Give them space to entertain them selves, use a man made tree or stand that they can climb on, hang a few toys up so they can play. They will love to interact with you. Expect them to fly onto your shoulder and accompany you in your home. These birds are very intelligent and learn by watching and coppying. They can learn tricks and even talk. If you have time you can learn how to train your cockatiel to talk.

Cockatiels for Life

The more time that you spend with your cocktiel the better your understanding of them will be, and you will be rewarded with hours of fun with you cockatiel. Spend plenty of time training cockatiels and the results you can achieve will amaze you, especially when it comes to teaching cockatiels to talk. It is a process that takes time and dedication. The more attention and love you give and show your cockatiel the more they will enjoy your company and become great companias for life.

That is a basic outline of how to care for your cockatiel. Remember that cockatiel care is very important and becomes your responsibility the moment you get your first cockatiel. Enjoy the time and grow your love…


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