Cockatiel Beak Grinding

Don’t be alarmed beak grinding it is a natural occurrence.┬áCockatiels grind their beaks as a sign of peacefulness and relaxation. They tend to do this after they have been busy during the day and decide it is now time to chill out.

Beak Grinding

Cockatiels are generally very affectionate birds and will enjoy cuddles and scratches behind their head… If you have managed to tame that is. However all cockatiels seem to engage in the pastime of beak grinding. Sitting in a quiet peaceful mode they will scratch the bottom and top of the beak together making a distinctive sound that is very calming. One of the nicest moments is when your pet cockatiel sits on your shoulder and starts to grind its beak.

Before Sleeping

At night time before they go to sleep they will often grind their beaks. Also after eating and they are full, sometimes they will sit comfortably and grind away. It is not just at night though, it can be any time during the day.

They don’t actually remove any of the beak, it is only a gentle rubbing that creates the sound. Like a lot of their sounds and movements, they all have a meaning. If you pay close attention to your pet cockatiel, over time you will pick up on the various traits and understand exactly what is going on.

The more time you spend with your cockatiels the better and stronger the bond will become. If you really want to get the most enjoyment with cockatiels then dedicate some time and space to them, show them your love and gentle care, the rewards will amaze you.

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