Affectionate Cockatiel up close and cuddly

Have you ever wondered how affectionate Cockatiels look when peaceful and cuddly? This video below shows exactly how cockatiels look while they are calm, cuddly and comfortable.

Most cockatiels have daily routines During the day cockatiels will go through a pattern of events/moods. Not unlike us, in certain ways. Knowing how to identify cockatiel behaviour will help to understand their moods.

A typical day in the life of a cockatiel at our place

They will wake up gently and stretch, maybe preen a bit and then begin to rummage for food. After that they will become very active in a way that shows that they are excited and want to be let out of their cage. This will involve some loud whistles and running around the cage. This time is generally early morning through till about midday and it is your time to play and keep them entertained especially if you only have a single bird. The more placid cockatiel will sing out for attention.

Next they will begin to preen and clean out old feathers, re arrange ones that don’t sit right. After they will probably eat some more, then they will sit calmly and relax together. Often close to one another maybe even preening each other. Later they will eat and rummage for more food. Call out for attention from their keepers or other birds.

This will be followed by some more preening and cuddly time before they eat dinner and then find their favourite spot to sleep in.

It is a bit of a daily cycle of events. To sum it up; sleep, wake & eat, play & entertain, eat & preen, rest & nap, eat & play, preen & cuddly time, then eat & sleep.

When do cockatiels become cuddly & affectionate?

Each cockatiel is different and will have a particular trait that makes them special. Most of our cockatiels become affectionate and cuddly around early evening time when the light begins to fade. This is normal as it is getting time for sleep. Naturally cockatiels will feed up prior to sleeping and then find a safe place to sleep before it is dark.

Affectionate Cockatiel up close and cuddly

Captive cockatiels as pets often have insufficient sleep & rest time. This is due to the noises from T.V, radio and even us. Also artificial lights keeps them awake longer. A cockatiel requires a good 12 hours sleep daily.

You will find, that most cockatiels love human interaction and when peaceful, wanting to rest, they will come to you and sit calmly on your head, shoulder, arm, legs hands. This is the time when they become cuddly and you should take this opportunity to build the trust and bond. Never force anything with your bird or you will lose the trust and not get to experience these cuddly times together.

Good luck and hopefully you will spend many precious moments together like in this video. Enjoy

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