Cockatiel Addiction

cockatiel addiction

It all started with one… Yes, the addiction to cockatiels started way back with just one small yellow ‘Lutino’ whom we named ‘Miss Birdy’

Why Do People Fall In Love With Pet Cockatiels?

I can answer this simply… because they are wonderful creatures that give you hours of joy… Other than that simple answer I could go on and on.

Basically they will steal your heart, if you let them that is… and trying to fight it is going to be a touch battle. If you don’t want to fall in love with these wonderfull creatures then I would strongly suggest that you DO NOT even go to a pet shop… However it is not for me to tell you what to do. But be warned it can become addictive.

For us cockatiel lovers it is a given that we dedicate hours and hours of our day to them. This can become something of a passion or it can become a total nightmare. It really depends on how you and your pet cockatiels get on. You must be prepaired for a long relationship if you go down that path. A bit like the yellow brick road… you start off with your first steps and it keeps on going with different additions on the journey. Remember we all have choices and consequences…

It All Starts With One

Thats all it takes. Just one wonderful cockatiel can steal your heart. They have a magical way to trap you and engage you in their web… A single bird will look to you as their partner and interact with you accordingly. They will want to be with you or at least have you in their vision during all daylight hours. Going into another room will only cause uproar.

They are birds that love company so to have one and keep it in the cage in the laundry will only make it depressed and eventually sick. That is not the purpose of keeping a pet cockatiel and should be avoided at all cost. Decide right now if you are dedicated to keeping one or many, and stand by your decision. If you want some good reading then check this out How To Care For Your Cockatiels And Keep Them Safe.

What Makes Them So Adorable

For a start they are;


Cockatiel Miss Birdy

  • very beautiful to look at
  • small enough to handle (the smallest parrot)
  • human friendly (in a way that we can interact with them)
  • intelligent (of a 3 year old)
  • playful (with other cockatiels and toys)
  • vocal (the males can learn to talk)
  • very affectionate (you can scratch and cuddle)
  • easy to breed (they can be prolific)
  • have a healthy lifespan (15-20 years)
  • noisy (whistling and screaming)

and the list goes on… Most of all, they are trully generous in their nature, all they want is to share your love. Many will live for 15 or more years depending on the environment, so that is a long time to enjoy each other and grow together. If you nourish the time with them it is no wonder that they will live for a long time.

These colourful and loving animals have lots to offer in a relationship and make excellent companions, it is no wonder that they are among the most popular pets in the world today…




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