Why Choose A Pet Cockatiel

pet cockatiels as pets

If  you are looking for a pet bird, why choose a cockatiel over other varieties?

That is a good question and not one that I am going to start a debate on. However I will give you some reasons why you should consider a cockatiel as a pet. At the end of the day the decision is still yours and I wish you many years of joy with your pet bird. The first question that you must answer before buying a pet cockatiel is are you a suitable cockatiel owner? Just to say that they make great pets may not be convincing enough, because if you need convincing then maybe you should reconsider…

What Are Cockatiels?

Cockatiels are basically a smaller version of a cockatoo, they are a parrot. They are very distinctive in that they both have crests, yet most cockatiels have orange cheeks. Not only do they look attractive because of their crest and orange cheeks they also come in a variety of colours, in both male and female which makes them a number one choice for many bird lover. Other ideal characteristics of a cockatiel are that they are very human friendly and their size makes them pleasant to handle allowing them to become very tame.

pet cockatiels

pet cockatiel

Their Ability To Learn

They can be taught tunes, sounds, whistles, and even to talk (males mostly) which often gives them the edge over other species of pet bird. Training them to reproduce sounds will require dedication especially if you intend teaching them to talk. If you spend plenty of time with your pet and care for your cockatiel diligently you can expect to have many many years of joy together. With a good healthy diet and a cockatiel friendly home they can live in excess of 20 years, so when buying a pet cockatiel be sure you understand your obligations as you are introducing it to your family life for a long time.

Not Too Expensive

If you are choosing a cockatiel as a pet make sure that you look for these characteristics and check that it is healthy. I would suggest that you buy a young one that has been weened and the parents no longer need to look after it, around 14 weeks old. You can expect to pay upwards of $30 Australian dollars depending or variety. I would avoid very young cockatiels unless you have experience with hand feeding baby cockatiels.

The ongoing costs of having a pet cockatiel are quite low. As long as you look after them and keep them healthy and away from any hidden dangers. The food is not too expensive and once you have a suitable cage then for less than $10 a week you will be able to enjoy your new friend.

Easy To Breed

One important thing to note is…They are prolific breeders and if you score a male and female that bond, you could easily end up with more than you bargained for. Then the cost will naturally increase, but buy then your love for these wonderful creatures has slowly but surely grown and you have unknowingly become addicted to cockatiels. So with them wanting to mate and nest you will probably be rewarded with a clutch of eggs that if fertile will grow into wonderful baby cockatiels which you could possibly sell. However after having three sets of baby cockatiels, we can not bring ourselves to let any go…

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