Calcium for Cockatiels in Various Forms

There are many things that you can supplement your cockatiels diet with. None more important than Calcium.

Not just for nesting females

Cockatiel supplements come in many forms and can be given to your birds in different ways. The most common addition to any good diet for cockatiels is the supply of calcium. Some bird owners have the belief that birds only need this when the female wants to lay eggs. This is totally wrong and I must stress the fact that all birds need a healthy supply of calcium to sustain their own bone, beak, feather and feet growth.

Also on the point of the female producing eggs, she does not need a partner to produce eggs, they can do this totally by themselves and there have been many instances of single females laying eggs. You can read even more about cockatiels and laying eggs along with much more important information in the days and months ahead as we continue to add posts and answer questions whilst growing this blog.

Calcium supplements

There are many forms of calcium on the market. We use it in many ways, just incase it is missed by one of the birds.

We add it to the water (but not everyday), hang a cuttlebone, have an iodine / mineral bell and also a calcium bell. Each of these are eaten by all of our birds.

When our females are nesting and producing eggs we add calcium drops to the drinking water which we change frequently. The addition of calcium when the female is producing eggs is very important. It will help her produce a solid hard egg shell. If she can’t produce a hard shell due to the lack of calcium or her inability to form a shell you will need to see an avian vet as this is known as ‘egg binding’ and it is a serious condition which can lead to dire results.

Bells and Bones

Cuttlebones should be one of the first purchases you get when starting out keeping birds. It not only adds a supply of valuable calcium to the diet, it lends itself to be a perfect beak trimmer and sander of sorts. Your cockatiel will often scratch its beak up and down to clean, trim and polish. Note that it doesn’t matter if the cuttlebones don’t have anything to hook it onto the cage with, just use a plastic tie.

The bells of minerals and calcium also add to the entertainment of your bird family. They will get eaten, climbed over and even used as a perch to sleep on. Make sure that you get a supply of calcium for you cockatiels and keep it in the daily diet.



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