Buying A Cockatiel…What To Look Out For

Cockatiels are such lovely animals, once they find a way into your heart it is hard to let go. The important thing is keeping them healthy and safe. If you are in the market for a pet cockatiel then the information in this post should interest you.

What To Look Out For

First of all you want to buy a healthy cockatiel. How can you know that they are healthy?

Some signs to look out for or avoid are;

  • make sure the eyes are bright (cloudy eyes is a sign of blindness)
  • they should be active and not sat on the floor or in a corner of the cage
  • pick one that is vocal and making some cute sounds
  • avoid any bird that is looking puffed up with its feathers
  • when you are near to the cage, try and interact with them, pick one that responds to you
  • if they are eating, make sure the one you chose is eating a mixed diet
  • look closely at the beak, claws and feet for any deformed or damaged ones
  • refuse any bird that is showing signs of baldness, this could be a sign of illness or being over preened
  • if you can, find a reputable breeder of cockatiels and chose one from their young
  • when at a breeders place ask to see all the available birds and follow all the criteria in this article. Be sure that the breeder can demonstrate that the young are hand tame if that is what you are after
  • try and avoid cockatiels with their wings clipped, especially if very young
  • some breeders tend to over breed and therefor have only limited time to invest in the cockatiels and hence they may not be as hand tame as they should be, small boutique breeders are best

What Will You Need

Once you have choosen your cockatiel. Make sure that you also get some of the identical food that they have been feeding on. This is important as they are often very picky about the food they eat and will more than likely go off the food for 24 hours in the transistion stage from pet store to your home surroundings.

You will also need a travel cage to transport your feathered friend home in. Either that or you are going to buy a nice new cage for them. It is always very handy to have a spare cage or two, you never know when you might need to isolate one or take one to the vet.

Get Home Safely

Next you need to travel home safely and without visiting anybody or any other shops etc. This period of time from the moment your cockatiel is taken from his familliar suroundings and put into your responsibility is the most fragile time. They will be scared and upset, having left their mates behind.

Make sure that you are prepared at home to house your new addition to your familly. Ensure that you have a safe postiton to keep them, away from draughts and sudden distractions (windows, doorways). If you have other family members at home make sure that they allow the cockatiel to settle and become familliar with its new home before everybody starts trying to entertain it.

Let your cockatiel begin to trust and bond with you slowly, do not force anything, allow it to naturally come to you. Feed it daily some of the foods that it particularly enjoys from your hand if you can and slowly build the trust.

If you manage to follow these tips and advice that we have shared with you, then you should enjoy many years of fun and love with your cockatiel…


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