Bad Cockatiel Seeds

A few weeks back we were filling up the bird seeds and pellets. Nothing strange about that except on closer inspection what we found…

The birds always have clean homes and are very well cared for in our domain. They rule the place and we are just there to serve. They are totally spoilt, but that’s what you do as pet owners, right.

Cockatiel routine

We have a routine that we all follow… the birds and us. Before we cover them at night we top up the food containers and remove any fresh foods that have been gouged on throughout the day. As we were scooping out some seeds, in the bottom of the container we noticed some residue… Now normally we scoop out with a plastic cup and each time the scoop is clean, but this time it had specs of dust or something.

The specs were only the size of pin heads so not that clearly visible and if you were not paying close attention you’d miss them. Lucky for us we didn’t. LOOK at what we found… 🙁

We had bugs in our cockatiel seeds

We immediately removed all the food containers from the cages. Needles to say we were not popular with our munchkins, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

As we took each container and emptied the contents onto some white butchers paper, allowed it to settle then tipped it all off, what we were left with was paper crawling with bugs. The bottom of the food containers had them as well.

So all the food and containers were washed and replenished with a brand new fresh batch of seeds and pellets.

Bad cockatiel seeds

We buy our seeds in 20kg bags as a rule. But for some reason we had a small box which I had mixed in with the batch just last week. The original 20kg bags were still there and on checking them they were fine. So all I can put it down to is the box was a bad batch… Maybe having been damp, or stored in a contaminated warehouse or something like that. Anyway we have since been freezing our seeds in containers as this will kill off any bugs etc.

Needless to say we are even more scrutinising our foods that we buy these days. Be very careful if you buy those honey seed sticks as they sometimes have crawly creatures in, especially if they do not get sold often. The best place to buy your seeds from is a busy place where the stock turn around is fast.

Have you ever had to deal with bugs or parasites in your seeds? Let us know in the comments below.

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