Cockatiel Toys… Are Bird Toys Safe…

Cockatiel toys and are they safe. That is the real question. Picture credit; arbyreed from flicker

Are bird toys safe?

There is no hard and fast rule on this topic. What we will say is, pay good attention to the quality of the toy.

In particular the colour of the product. Question the type of paint or dye that has been used.

The possiblity of the ropes coming lose and the danger of your precious pet becoming entangled is not uncommon. Also the actual thread can be digested and if treated with chemicals seriously harm your birds.

Also the cheap imports can rust and this is highly dangerous to your birds. The use of top quality materials is very important. Please check from where the products come from.

My personal experience with certain toys has only made us more sceptical about there safety.

Question the ethics of the toy

We question the true meaning behind the toy. Is it made with the best safety of our birds in mind or a toy that stands to make some company a huge profit.

The best items that we have used in our bird homes have been the mirror and ladder, we also have a rope ladder that is all natural and very tighly constructed.

Cockatiels are prolific nibblers

They use their beak for many things and testing the toy is one thing they love to do. The problem arises when the toxic colour or dye is consumed into there small digestive system. This then gets released into the blood stream and the poor cockatiel becomes sick. Always keep a close eye on the droppings each day and monitor for any changes. You can read more on the topic understanding droppings in more detail in poo-ology.

Many colours and dye’s contain lead that is highly dangerous to birds.

Keep in mind safety and health

When looking to spoil your cockatiels always keep in mind their safety and health. Follow a few simple rules.

  • Is it natural?
  • Are the colours lead free?
  • Is the toy manufactured strong enough to last?
  • Is it free from any potential health hazards?

If you can not answer YES to these questions then leave it on the shelf.

Always remember, a beautiful colourful toy will not replace a natural healthy cockatiel…

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