About Us

AboutCockatiels is a website for owners of cockatiels who want more satisfaction from their interaction with their pet bird cockatiels. Whether you own one or several of these inquisitive and friendly birds, our site aims to help you strengthen the bond between you and your feathered friend(s).

My wife and I have owned and bred (by accident mind you) cockatiels from our home for over 12 years. I must add that we are not breeders though. The first four munchkins who were born in our home are still part of the family – we just couldn’t bring it over us to give them away. Since then we’ve had another successful batch of babies of which we gave two away to new caring homes.

Many years of learning, growing, loving and heartache have brought us much knowledge and experience with cockatiels and we truly hope you can benefit from that in some way.

We hope you grow to love your birdies even more with our help.

John and Monika Mundell

Proud dad and mum to 9 happy cockatiels; Birdy & Romeo, Pumpkin & Mini, Mickey & Bubbles… and our three youngsters Spikey, Jordie and Billy Jean.